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'Say what you mean' - Em

Official Music Video

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A note from the director Parris Mayhew

“The ‘Say what you mean’ music video is my introduction of Em to the world. An intimate look at the artist behind the music. That first impression should be a powerful one, one that will last forever. When I first heard the song I gathered from it a duplicity, an internal struggle between being vulnerable and putting up a powerful front, that is the visual story I wanted to tell.”


The video is a metaphor for Em’s internal journey of self-realization. It opens as Em rises from sleep to find herself alone and begins a song of denial and by the time she reaches the first chorus, in that private moment, she finally recognizes her true feelings, but only when she sees her own melancholy singing back at her, in raindrops on a window pane.

But this eye catching raindrop metaphor is wrapped in a larger package, a vision of beauty, genuine emotion and femininity.


Parris continues “I put her song in a Hollywood production context, a softer tempo, cinematic camera moves, rich color and big screen scope, ‘It looks like a movie’ is the first response of many viewers, along with ‘How did you do that?’. 

The visual effects which many assume I employed for the raindrops are not visual effects at all, it is as it appears to be, the artist reflected in water drops on a pane of glass, shot in-camera.

The edit isn’t what you might consider music video editing either, I held on shots so you could see her, look at her, know her, the pace is for a fan, not for the times. My introduction is complete, now you know Em like I do. Enjoy.”

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