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What people say about us...

Jim Muscarella,


It's always an excellent experience working with the incredibly talented team at WILDFIRE NYC. 
Aptly named for its energetic creative leaders Barblin & Parris Mayhew, who combine their decades of filmmaking expertise & professional marketing knowhow. Most recently as a co-producer on Em's "Say What You Mean" music video, I was excited to once again have the opportunity to work with WILDFIRE's expert team making beautiful images."

Emily Wachspress (Em),


Working with Barblin and Parris Mayhew was a dream come true. I sought out Parris's work through extensive online searching to find a true cinematographer who could capture the essence and vulnerability of a woman in my song. He not only brought the vision to life but enhanced it as well. They were so organized and professional and cared just as much as I did about the project. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Barblin was the ultimate organizer and made sure everyone had their role and everything was set up on time and in order. 

Pierre Jampy,

Editor, Camera OP

"Wild ideas and creative solutions. When the strength of the visual meets the power of storytelling and marketing. Barblin and Parris are creating captivating content ."

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